Lola Team


Rachel leads business development and corporate strategy. She started her career in PR and branding, and then went on to a career running HR and operations at several top luxury brands.


Paul has co-founded and successfully sold six tech startups -, GetHuman, Boston Light Software, Intermute, Moonbeam and Lola Travel (not to be confused with Lola Dating).

Gertrude Allen


Gertrude is a growth-driven marketing expert with a track record of scaling consumer brands. She is responsible for the national rollout of Lola Dating to get people out there on dates!

Head of Engineering

Zahra is a seasoned architect who crafts scalable solutions to ensure high performance and reliability. Leveraging deep technical knowledge and strategic vision, her focus is maintaining a streamlined and efficient backend codebase.


Sam is a product designer with experience across web and app based B2C products. He is responsible for the user experience at Lola to make it as simple as possible to find a date.


Eden leads event planning, social media management and creation, data analysis, and app promotion. She is in her final year at Yale University.

Software Architect

Paul is developing new consumer software products, getting back to his engineering roots. Previously Paul worked in various management positions at Lola Travel, KAYAK, and Intuit.


Ahmad specializes in front-end development, mainly Javascript-based web and mobile technologies. He previously led front-end development for Reki and FunContact.

Lola Bear


When Walter is not dancing around the streets of Boston, bringing cheer to singles, he is teaching AI to students of all ages.

Lola Team