Lola is expected to start matching this Spring.

Lola is expected to start matching this Spring.

Those on the waitlist will be the first to know when Lola is ready to start matching people for dates.

Can I download Lola now?

Yes, download Lola in the App or Google Play Store now. Create your profile to be among the first to find dates using Lola.

Why is Lola not matching people yet?

We are building a community of daters. To ensure that we create a great dating experience for our users, we are waiting until we have a sufficient number of compatible daters on the platform.

What can I do in the meantime?

  1. Share Lola. The sooner we have a sufficient number of people on the platform ready to go out on dates, the sooner the matching will begin.

  2. Set up your profile. Once you download Lola, complete your profile so you are ready to go out on dates once the matching begins.

What happens next?

Sit tight. We will send you a message (push notification, in-app message or text message) when the matching begins this Spring. Be on the lookout for single events and partner collaborations hosted by Lola for our members.

Is there anything I can do to get off the waitlist?

Not yet! Just make sure your profile is complete, and share Lola with your single friends. The more people who sign up for Lola, the quicker we can start matching.

Where will Lola be available for matching?

Lola will initially be available within a 75-mile radius of the center of Boston. If you’re outside the Greater Boston area, you should still sign up for Lola today so we can notify you when we begin matching in your area.